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Our Cherry Picker

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Here at Specialist Cherry Picker Hire, we acquire the industry's best equipment. We offer rental service of a Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 MK2 aerial platform, which is part of their Performance series, offering industry leading efficiency and technology.

It was designed by an outstanding team of engineers to provide precise, fast and reliable operation at heights of up to 17.06 metre. Our cherry picker is designed for a variety of projects from interior and exterior renovations to building maintenance. Our cherry picker is largely chosen by professional operators and companies such as gardeners, electricians, building firms, rental companies. It perfectly serves a large variety of sectors, providing solutions for access issues.

When working at height, safety and performance are a must. Therefore, we picked the best model to assure numerous advantages not only to companies, but also to operators. Our cherry picker is equipped with a performance hydraulic system, to ensure maximum safety and stability. Automatic assisted stabilisation keeps you safe while at heights.

Our Cherry picker has excellent mobility due to its compact size of less than 2 metres tall. Thanks to its scissor system, close wall work now has extreme simplicity and precision due to its outstanding vertical trajectory. Perfect if you operate within the design sector.

Just to name a few advantages… Specialist Cherry Picker Hire can help you reach new heights, contact us today for any queries about our rental service.

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