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Cherry Picker Hire in Richmond

Specialist Cherry Picker Hire brings you quality cherry picker rentals in Richmond, offering top-tier equipment to meet your needs.

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Our team are here to provide support throughout and will deliver/pick up

the cherry picker as per pre-arrangements.

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Working Area

In the picturesque town of Richmond, Specialist Cherry Picker hire is your dedicated partner for comprehensive access solutions.

We understand the importance of maintaining the unique charm and heritage of Richmond while managing projects that require working at heights. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency ensures that Richmond's businesses can operate smoothly and confidently, even in elevated environments.

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The Purpose

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Richmond residents can count on us for a rental service featuring the Hinowa Lightlift17.75 MK2 aerial platform, ideal for construction, renovation, and engineering tasks.


Our state-of-the-art cherry picker can reach heights of up to 17 metres while maintaining a safe weight ratio with a 230kg load capacity. Its compact 2-metre height during transit ensures it can navigate through narrow 0.8-metre spaces with ease. If you're in Richmond and facing access challenges, Specialist Cherry Picker hire is your solution.

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The Function

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Our cherry pickers are versatile for both indoor and outdoor projects. Their slimline design ensures easy indoor transportation.


Thanks to the scissor system, you can perform precise work on walls with our cherry picker's excellent vertical trajectory. Your flooring remains pristine, as our cherry picker's tracks won't leave any marks. With automatic assisted stabilisation, it thrives in rugged outdoor environments and operates quietly and pollution-free, allowing for use at any time. Equipped with various safety features, including tilt control, our cherry picker is the trusted solution in Richmond for all terrain types.

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Operator Licence Required

An IPAF operators licence is required to operate any of our cherry pickers. If you don't have a licence we can provide a fully qualified operator.

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The Process

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When it comes to cherry picker hire in Richmond, reach out to Specialist Cherry Picker today.

Our friendly team is here to help you arrange your cherry picker rental, finding a date and time that suits your needs; count on us for guidance. We provide delivery and collection services in Richmond.

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We make cherry picker rental hassle-free and will deliver and collect at a convenient time.

On the day of your hire, we'll deliver the cherry picker to your specified location. Once your rental period is over, we'll arrive retrieve it.

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Safety is a top priority.

Our team of specialists will provide comprehensive training on the cherry picker's operations and capabilities. Specialist Cherry Picker cares about the health and safety of our customers in Richmond.

Equipment Specs

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Auto Level

Allows the machine to level itself on any terrain.

Removable Basket

Allows access to narrow openings to improve Versatility.

Remote Controls

Better overview and high flexibility while walking alongside the machine.

Non-Marking Tracks

Rubber free tracks for indoor and outdoor use.


Working height.


Degree Rotation.

Good Outreach - Lightweight

110V 32 amp

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Bi Fuel

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