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Specialist Cherry
Picker Hire 

At Specialist Cherry Picker Hire, we provide a quality rental service of it’s tracked, articulated boom platform with up to 17M height reach and over 7M outreach.
Small enough to fit through gaps of 80cm wide, this cherry picker is an incredibly accessible piece of kit.

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Our team are here to provide support throughout and will deliver/pick up

the cherry picker as per pre-arrangements.

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The Purpose

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Our cherry picker platform is a Hinowa Lightlift 17.75. This durable and powerful piece of kit has a great outreach of 7M, is lightweight and can be used indoor and outdoor. The height of the platform reaches up to 17M high. There is a 230kg capacity load throughout the working range.  Dual fuel functions provide a choice of outdoor and indoor power and allows for more adaptability to the external needs.


All this capability and the cherry picker can move through a 0.8M wide gap for working in and around buildings.

The Hinowa 17.75 Offers a quiet and emission-free operation for a range of working environments. Specialist Cherry Picker Hire units handle challenging projects and provides you with a platform that takes you where you need to go quickly and easily with non-marking tyres as standard. The unit excels at manoeuvrability and has zero tailswing which can be a real benefit in challenging tight spaces.


The cherry picker can drive through standard doorways, can work close to buildings and manouvre through and around obstacles with ease and precision. The articulated boom gives a range of options to access overhead work from aisles and other congested areas. The unit has a tight turning circle with a rotating platform which are designed to make it easy to manoeuvre precisely where you need to work.

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The Function

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Our cherry picker articulated boom platform can be used both indoors and outdoors having dual power of diesel and electric. The tracks are designed to not leave unwanted marks on indoor surfaces and rugged enough to work on rough terrain. 


The self leveling feature is a real bonus and allows you to set up on difficult terrain automatically. You just sit back and wait for the cherry picker to stabilise itself.


The articulated boom feature provides a range of access routes because of the durability of the arm which is not possible with scissor lifts and the like. This is particularly good for internal use, especially in more architecturally driven buildings as there are often difficult mezzanines and staircases to navigate. 


Externally, it is outstanding for tree work and for difficult to access roofs. The maximum load capacity is exceptional which makes this articulated boom platform a winner in most circumstances.


The cherry picker’s dual pantograph lifting mechanism enables the operator to use the lift when it is flush against a wall which is a real bonus for working on internal and external buildings. The feature of a removable basket also allows access to narrow openings to improve versatility.

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Operator Licence Required

An IPAF operators licence is required to operate any of our cherry pickers. If you don't have a licence we can provide a fully qualified operator.

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The Process

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Call one of our
friendly team.

Call our friendly team at Specialist Cherry Picker Hire and we can arrange a date and time for your hire.

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Delivered to

your location.

We will deliver the cherry picker to your designated location and we will pick it up at a time suitable to you.

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Training brief

for machinery.

We provide a short training brief on delivery so that the operator understands the capabilities and operations of the cherry picker.

Equipment Specs


Auto Level

Allows the machine to level itself on any terrain.

Removable Basket

Allows access to narrow openings to improve Versatility.

Remote Controls

Better overview and high flexibility while walking alongside the machine.

Non-Marking Tracks

Rubber free tracks for indoor and outdoor use.


Working height.


Degree Rotation.

Good Outreach - Lightweight

110V 32 amp

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Bi Fuel

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Where We Operate

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Image by Bjorn Snelders

Scottish Borders



Image by Karl Moran

Tyne and Wear

Image by David Ross

County Durham

Image by Martin Sepion

North Yorkshire

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